Take the self-assessment quiz.  Call one of our phone numbers to talk to someone.  Talk to other members before and after the meetings.  Get telephone numbers and start making calls.  Find a sponsor as soon as possible.  Read program literature.  Don’t wait to get help.


It is impossible to work the Steps without a sponsor, a fellow addict who is sober and in recovery.  A Sponsor helps us define our own sobriety, shares his/her own experiences, and helps put us on the path of straight thinking.  Most importantly, a sponsor guides us through the 12 Steps.

This is a spiritual program, not a religious one.  We are not aligned with any particular denomination but we must become willing to grow along spiritual lines.  Our 12- step resources are offered strictly in the spirit of Recovery, we cannot learn about Recovery unless we read about it.  SAA resources may change from time to time.  Our program is based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, but we are not affiliated with AA or any other organization or agency.  Recovery literature contains strong suggestions that teach us to live life on lifes terms without the need to act out.  No one is obligated to follow any of the suggestions in a 12 step program.  However, we have found that the more willing an addict is to keep an open mind, the better his/her chances of living a sober, content, and useful life will be.

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